Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.   All energy assessments are undertaken in line with NHER/Elmhurst and BRE guidelines by accredited assessors.

2.   A written order is required before any assessment is commenced.

3.   Following the instruction to proceed, cancellation of any project will result in a fee of 20% of the contract value or the value of works completed to date whichever is the greater. This condition cannot be varied other than in writing by a director of CAS Ltd.

4.   Professional Indemnity of £1,000,000.00 is included.

5.   Fees are invoiced as follows, SAP/SBEM fees on submission of the Design Stage assessment with the EPC fee due following the submission of the AS Built assessment and prior to issue of the EPC certificates.

6.   All fees are to be settled on or before 14 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed.

7.   The fees for any properties not completed within 12 months of the Design Stage assessment will be reviewed on an annual basis or as agreed at commencement.

8.   Works may be invoiced on a percentage basis if the design stage is protracted.

9.   Interest will be added to all overdue fees at a rate of 7.5% over base rate.

10.No certificates or calculations will be issued whilst there is an outstanding balance on the account.

11.Following the initial assessment, if changes are required we are willing to attend meetings to discuss the requirements and/or give advice. Terms for attending these meetings are £45.00 per hour inc. travelling.

12.The following information is required prior to an assessment being started:

a.    Floor plans with dimensions and at a scale of 1:50

b.   Elevations with orientation clearly marked, scale no less than 1:100

c.    Details of any renewables, solar, photovoltaic or wind generation

d.   Schedule of openings either on the plans or as a separate schedule

e.   Section drawings with floor height dimensions

f.    A full specification of floors, walls, roofs and insulation

g.    A full glazing specification giving glass type, unit make up and manufacturer's stated U-Value if available

h.   Details of all ventilation, in particular any mechanical ventilation units, heat recovery or Passivent

i.     Details of open fires, flues or chimneys

j.    Boiler types and efficiency, fuel type, emitter type and heating control system

In the absence of any information, assumptions will be made by the assessor. If these assumptions are required to be changed, additional costs may be incurred.